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Give an image makeover to your business by enhancing its operations with CBAS!

Redefine the way you work and manage your cosmetic store! Implement CBASs cloud based POS software within your business functions and watch how it makes a huge difference on your investment, sales and impress your customers as well.

Know and understand your customers better

Besides keeping an eye on inventory, CBASs POS software will assist you to know about your regular customers and their preferences. You can check any particular customers history pertaining to their last purchase that will be shown while billing. Thereby you can inform them about the arrival of new stocks, which in turn will make them happy and boost up loyalty factor. Similarly, you can inform them if some product is currently available at your store or not by checking your inventory, even while they are at the sales counter.

Make your customers come back to you

Besides setting the cash counter ringing, the POS system by CBAS will help you to extend excellent services to all your customers. It is the kind of application that will make your business grow in the right direction and help to establish a good relationship with your existing customers as well as new ones, which will make them to prefer buy products from your store alone.

Dazzle up your promotional strategies

With CBASs POS system you can easily manage your inventory and stocks. Such that you can either remove, edit or add any particular beauty product to meet customers demands and requirements. It becomes effortless to sell your best cosmetic products with the assistance of CBASs cloud-based stock management and reporting programs. You can even manage the variations of products and their pricing.

Very friendly and well-maintained professional service! Keep up the good work!


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