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Let CBAS help you be the first choice for flowers.

Shouldn’t your POS be as beautiful as your Flower shop  store?  CBAS is the right choice for cloud-based POS system software that is designed to help you on all your retail operation and keep your customers coming back for you.

Attract customers to your business by offering them wide choices

Unlike other profession, nursery business is quite tricky and challenging to retain the success phase consistently. And particularly in India, people won’t be interested to invest much money in hobbies. Hence, instead of putting up plants alone for sales, you can present your customers varied products such as gardening tools, fertilizers, accessories, pots, etc. so that they have better reasons to shop at your flower store.

CBASs POS software has the option to provide loyalty program, through which you can make note of your customers information at the time when they make their first purchase at your shop.Then you can attract customers with interesting offers and discount by sending them SMS. This way you can win over customers and your nursery will be running smoothly ever.

Customise according to your customers requirements

Flowers and gifts have sentimental value, so do your customers. With POS system you can keep a check on customers preferences and consequently you can customise the designs of their chosen flower bouquet. One can thus maintain accuracy in their services and earn credibility of customers. Moreover, by extending discounts during special festivals will benefit both, more customers and profit alike.

Footwear Business

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Optical Shop

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Let CBAS help you grow your business with one scoop at a time.

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CBAS makes your store stand out from other players in the market!

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A dose of innovative approach to reap benefits

Mobile Shop

A smart way to stay connected with your customers through CBAS POS System!


Loved the pricing of CBAS and the way CBAS reduced my cost. No restriction in adding products or users. I saved from disconnecting internet connection, stopping AMC / upgrades of previous POS system. I can access it from anywhere specially Dubai without any extra cost. Amazing !!

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A whole new POS software in the palm of your hands that is Cloud Based and compatible for IOS with Inventory, Reports, Centralized Management, Multi-Store, Customer Database, Discounts and Vouchers and many more.