Optical Shop

Keeping an eye on both inventory and sales is not stressful anymore with CBASs POS System on hand!

Manage your optical shop efficiently and hassle-free by implementing CABSs POS software within your business mechanisms! Be it sales, stocks or customer database, the cloud-based application works in best possible and innovative way to handle your store.

Multiple operations at one click

POS system allows you to go through various business processes and financial functions at a click. Get notification about the inventory simultaneously while dealing with customers bills. Plus, go through every customers information, their purchases and track old records easily. CBAS vouches for its systems accuracy so that you will spared from the nightmare of any kind of human error in managing reports. So you see, how everything is streamlined within a limited screen spaceĀ  all for the sake of keeping you stress free!

A single glance works for inventory and records!

Yes, CBAS makes it simple for you to go through all your business operations and check those areas which needs your attention. POS programs integrates efficient management tools so that you can easily click and find out about different aspects of your optical storeĀ  track your stores, manage customer database, keep account details and everything that needs extra scrutiny.

Safety assured for secured transactions

CBAS systems are so easy to operate that any new person can use it. However we assure that the POS application has good security features that are password oriented and which will keep all your accounts and sales safe from employee theft. We understand how valuable your business is for you and so we have designed the programs in such a way that you can have complete control over your expenditure and profits.

CBAS really helped us to improve our customer relationship through a very scalable easy to use retail solution. Glad to have CBAS as our software provider!


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