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A smart way to stay connected with your customers through CBAS POS System!

A smart way to stay connected with your customers through CBAS POS System!

Save time and energy by staying connected always

CBAS???s specially designed cloud-based POS system allows to gain access of your business even while you are away from your shop and no matter what time it is. The software works in both ways ??? real time and offline, giving you to take control of everything including reporting, sales, stocks products and many more from anywhere and anytime.

Grow your business and customer base

By upgrading your mobile store with the power of CBAS???s POS system, you get the advantage to manage your business in much more efficient manner. Such that, you get to avoid human error with the help of accurate processes, enhance the quality of services by streamlining all your management tools, speed up your work ??? all of which will boost up business and enhance your relationship with customers. Thereby your store will not only flourish but also keep a consistent flow of customers and attract new ones as well.

Most reliable when you have wide range of products

A mobile store encompasses a comprehensive choice of products which makes it essential to have a keen eye on the stocks and inventory. CBAS???s POS software allows you to go through all your products and upgrade your stocks since the software consistently notifies about your inventory as and when you make sales.

Best POS system for the industry with amazing hands on support service! Wouldn???t hesitate to recommend CBAS as the ideal POS solution!


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