electronic shop

Charge up your electronic store through innovative techniques of CBAS!

Enjoy an uninterrupted connection with all your Electronics shop customers by keeping your inventory and stocks up-to-date and providing seamless services! Give your systems a new leash of life by powering them up with CBASs cloud-based POS software that will take care of your Electronics shop business operations forever and help to grow your electronic store Dubai .

Streamline your priorities

With all the Electronics shop business operations put together in one place, you have the luxury to choose which work needs more attention first through CBASs POS abled screen. As you can keep a tab on various things like products, best selling items, accounts, sales, stocks, inventory and also, customers details, their preferences and favourite products  in Dubai you will have a fair idea as to in which direction your electronic shop business is heading to and how you can develop it further.

Customise your receipts as and when required

With festivals and special occasions popping up at regular intervals, you would require to provide your customers with good offers and discounts. Similarly, if you want to promote your brand extensively then you can incorporate your logo within your receipts. Such changes are possible with the help of POS software. You can even add taxes or notes for certain products in the receipts of customers copy.

More products. More features.

CBASs cloud-based POS system is most suitable for a multi-utility stores, like the electronic shop which will be equipped with all kinds of products and brands. The software has the capacity to handle wide range of inventory and stocks since it is supported by right kind of programs to manage everything in efficient manner without missing any single detail at any level of business operation.

Footwear Business

Step up to innovation by implementing CBASs POS System in your business!

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Ride way up to success with the aid of CBAS!

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With a smart approach be one step ahead! POS is the way to go!!

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Give a sophisticated facelift to your business operations with CBAS.

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A smart way to stay connected with your customers through CBAS POS System!

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We have been using a different POS system before we shifted to CBAS. The biggest reason why we switched from our old POS system was the fact that when we grew, the systems didn’t grow with us. In a way, we outgrew most of our systems. Our requirements became larger and they were not able to cater what we want. So, when we got a hold of CBAS, they came and gave us a very good demo and they see to it that they will provide a solution that will grow with us. With the introduction of CBAS, we were able to launch our loyalty system and through our loyalty system, we have been able to gather lot of important data about our customers and we have been able to use that to better improve our products. I would personally recommend CBAS to anyone in a heartbeat, because they can actually cater your requirements and they will always try their best to provide solutions whenever required!

pos software solutions dubai

A whole new POS software in the palm of your hands that is Cloud Based and compatible for IOS with Inventory, Reports, Centralized Management, Multi-Store, Customer Database, Discounts and Vouchers and many more.