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Ride way up to success with the aid of CBAS!

Let your business take you on a successful journey by equipping your systems with CBASs POS System. The Cloud-based program is designed to manage all kinds of back-office works without you worrying about missing out on any important thing.

Speed up your processing with customised shortcut keys

CBAS Dubai offers easy-to-use sell screen with which you can streamline the ordering procedure to make it easy to be in tune with customers demands.

Thus you will be able to quickly edit, remove or add items including sizes and colours, and handle sales much efficiently using customised shortcut keys that will aid you to give swift service. Likewise, you can easily track warranties and sales of each different bike parts by maintaining a separate list for orders.

Best business augmenting solution for your bike store

When it comes to retail business, CBAS has right kind of solutions to boost up a brand and company. The cloud-based POS system is very cost effective, easy to use and comprised with advanced features including real time reporting, inventory management and built-in software for customer relationship management, among others. It is difficult to keep a track of customers and preferences. But CBAS you can be completely assured that POS system will take care of all that by maintaining a customer database.

Total control over your inventory

Help your customer to enjoy exceptional service experience with CBASs POS software exclusively built for smart bike dealers like you. Make your bike stores inventory reflect more than your customer expected. Keep a track of repair services and check status of every repair work so you don’t have the opportunity to disappoint any of your customer. You can even maintain work sheets to check the progress that will help you to ease the workload as well as keep your customers stay updated.

Icecream Shop

Let CBAS Dubai help you grow your business with one scoop at a time.

Footwear Business

Step up to innovation by implementing CBASs POS System in your Bike Shop POS business!

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A smart way to stay connected with your customers through CBAS POS System Dubai !

Abaya Shop

With CBAS assistance cover all your business management duties within few clicks.

Coffee Shops & Cafe

Start your business with a great taste and a great help from CBAS.

Salon & Beauty Parlor Shop

Give a sophisticated facelift to your business operations with CBASs POS Program!

Gift Shop

With a smart approach be one step ahead! POS is the way to go!!

Homeware Business

CBAS makes your store stand out from other players in the market!


CBAS responded to my problem within a reasonable amount of time and even followed up my enquiry with a further offer of assistance. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else and would recommend to anyone.

Ahmed Junaied
Burashid Perfumes
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A whole new POS software in the palm of your hands that is Cloud Based and compatible for IOS with Inventory, Reports, Centralized Management, Multi-Store, Customer Database, Discounts and Vouchers and many more.