Sell ​​more off what your customers love, and learn how to drive growth with clever retail-time reporting. CBAS is the cloud-based.


Manage inventory and different outlets

Sorting through an inventory or manage it is quite easy With CBAS you can remove, edit or add products very quickly owing to its built-in inventory management.

Moreover, you can keep a track on stock in different outlets of your clothing store and make fresh orders to make yourself safe from being out-of-stock. Besides, the POS system gives you access of all your clothing brands outlets located at different places so that you can take care of the business mechanisms from one place.

Time saving features

The POS screen integrates different kinds of processing tasks in one place, making it easier for you to get hold of things all at once. CBAS gives you the option to customise the quick keys so that you can speed up the way you work. The Cloud supported POS provides all the details about store functioning from your comfort zone; thereby giving you the advantage of saving time.

Smart solutions for smart you

Managing an entire clothing store is not an easy feat. Give your systems a boost with CBASs POS program that will enable you to efficiently carry out the management tasks with a click. Be it stocks or inventory management, sales or accounts you can control anything you want within your business operations effortlessly from any place.

Homeware Business

CBAS makes your store stand out from other players in the market!

Icecream Shop

Let CBAS help you grow your business with one scoop at a time.

Sports Shop

Infuse a striking technical spirit into the game of business with CBAS!

Jewellry Shop

CBAS POS System sparkles up your jewellery business by adding the shine of innovation.

Footwear Business

Step up to innovation by implementing CBASs POS System in your business!

Gift Shop

With a smart approach be one step ahead! POS is the way to go!!

Mobile Shop

A smart way to stay connected with your customers through CBAS POS System!

Salon & Beauty Parlor Shop

Give a sophisticated facelift to your business operations with CBASs POS Program!


CBAS is a critical component of our retail growth! We see them more as a partner than just a service provider. Great job on your services!

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