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Infuse a striking technical spirit into the game of business with CBAS!

Stand ahead in the race and win over customers with apt technical support from CBAS. With the Cloud-based POS system, streamline all the management tools and features to take control of your entire sports store business from anywhere, anytime and with or without internet connection! Howzat!?!

Never ever go out-of-stocks!

CBAS has specially designed POS system in UAE, Dubai that is easy, secure and efficient. The Cloud-based software will help in averting out-of-stock situations with advanced inventory management, return management and reorder features. Besides, with online and offline billing facilities, one can provide better services to more clients.


Right solutions for boosting your business

CBASs cloud-based POS system has different modules for managing every detail of your sports shop including accounting, customer relationship management, making GST reports and so on. Moreover, it warns against any kind of theft through effective inventory management. With all the tasks organised well and when you have upper hand in everything, it gives a good scope to take forward your business in the right direction. Thus, you get assured that every aspect of your business is secured and being taken care of by a reliable technical source  the one and only, CBAS.

Dabble with multiple options and stores

CBASs POS softwares convenient features enables one to multi-task efficiently! Its Cloud-aided programs have impressive interface and are compatible on any kind of device. Working on real time reporting is much feasible, when one can keep a watch on the busiest hours, fast-selling products and even staff activity. This especially more beneficial if you own multiple outlets across the globe. Its with complete ease that you can manage stocks of any of your stores as well as go through all financial records at mere click of the button.

Icecream Shop

Let CBAS help you grow your business with one scoop at a time.

Toys Shop

Win over customers by emerging as the best one-stop shop with CBASs POS System!

Optical Shop

Keeping an eye on both inventory and sales is not stressful anymore with CBASs POS System on hand!

Footwear Business

Step up to innovation by implementing CBASs POS System in your business!

Book Shop

Give a sophisticated facelift to your business operations with CBAS.

Homeware Business

CBAS makes your store stand out from other players in the market!

Fitness & Supplement

A dose of innovative approach to reap benefits

Mobile Shop

A smart way to stay connected with your customers through CBAS POS System!


I have used CBAS for quite some time now and have found out and have proven that their service and system to be of excellent quality, the support service to be quick and responsive, and their pos system to be efficient and accessible.

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A whole new POS software in the palm of your hands that is Cloud Based and compatible for IOS with Inventory, Reports, Centralized Management, Multi-Store, Customer Database, Discounts and Vouchers and many more.