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Detailed reporting for better decisions.

With real-time reporting, CBAS ensures you’re always in the know. Track your best products, your busiest hours, your biggest customers, and your growing store outlet from anywhere and anytime. Because we know that time is money for you, with real-time reporting, you can deal with issues on any of your outlet locations immediately and with ease.

Easy to use, inside and out.

CBAS is simple, intuitive and easy to use software your staff will love. Training new members will only take minutes and you don’t have to send them off to an expensive training session. So you can spend time with them on the things that really matter.

Success comes from the right ingredients.

CBAS is the retail pos system that is made up of the right stuff to get you the results you need. Packed with power features such as in-built loyalty program and clever customer management so you can know more about them and do more for your best customers.

CBAS revolutionized our organization’s POS system in a budget-friendly manner thus equipping us for growth success without giving us any hiccups in our operations. Consequently, our team has taken CBAS to all our locations that needs significant infrastructure turnaround. Also, CBAS has brought the same incredible high level of affordability and seamless support to our organization. CBAS is a “can’t-miss” in the ever-growing retail market.


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