Product and Sales Report

Provides you reports on sales by product, brand, tag, and much more to easily identify trends and make the best decisions for your business.

Inventory Reports

Manage your inventory more effectively by keeping an eye on inventory levels, low stock information and stock on hand.

Real Time Reports

You don’t have to wait for end of the day reports. Keep track of your daily sales operation in real time to achieve daily sales target.

End of Day Reports

Review daily register closure summaries and sales history reports, confirm payments, and easily check for discrepancies.

Customizable Reports

Build your own reports and quickly drill down into your data to see how your store, your products and your staff are performing.

Mobile Retail Dashboard

Keep your fingers on the pulse by accessing your key sales metrics from your phone anytime, anywhere.

Employee Performance

Set the daily, weekly and monthly sales target to each of your staff and see how they are performing against those objectives.

Exporting your Reports

Export your data to your preferred spreadsheet tool for in-depth analysis.

A whole new POS software in the palm of your hands that is Cloud Based and compatible for IOS with Inventory, Reports, Centralized Management, Multi-Store, Customer Database, Discounts and Vouchers and many more.