Watch shop POS

Keep pace with advance times! Switch to CBAS!!

Manage your watch store business with complete ease and much efficiency by implementing cloud-based POS software application to stay abreast with your stocks and inventory.

Round the clock business updates

Waiting for the internet connection, is now a thing of the past. Now you can upgrade inventory at your own pace. CBASs cloud-based system software is specially designed to notify you about the stocks and best-selling products in real time as well as offline mode. CBAS works efficiently even in low connectivity. So be it sales or updating stocks, you can work seamlessly and consistently.

Happiness well-defined for you and your customers

Having a control over the stocks, customers preferences and product sales will become very easy and an effortless process with the courtesy of CBASs customer database software. By offering customers what they are looking for and stocking up the inventory with best-selling products, one can improve the sales and, at the same time watch business grow.

A lifetime guarantee!

With no expiry date for its advanced technology, CBASs system software vouches to provide long lasting mechanism to yield fruits consistently ever. You can keep improving your watch shops business and develop good relationship with clients for a lifetime. This inventive strategy will also help you to gain new customers. Call it a timely deal!

Having a POS system like CBAS allows us to focus on financial planning through detailed reports. The service that we receive from CBAS is the key to our success and satisfaction to our customers.


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