Toy Shop

Win over customers by emerging as the best one-stop shop with CBASs POS System!

Exceed the expectations of your customers by offering more products than they imagined, manage your toy stores inventory and come up with winning strategies by depending on real time reporting. Upgrade your toy shop with CBASs cloud-based POS software system!

Best products and best services all under one roof!

Keep a tab on your toy store inventory, to check what needs to be added or which are the fast moving products. By implementing the right type of POS application, product management will be more efficient and easy. No need to check stocks from time to time, as the cloud-based system will notify you about the inventory regularly and keep you updated about the database of regular customers as well.

One software for multiple purposes

You can seamlessly shuttle in and out of various business operations, behind the counter and at the same time, take care of your sales. CBASs POS software is designed to make you manage different processes simultaneously and effortlessly. And the plus point  it is highly affordable.

Free from error and stress!

Given the fact that POS system is well equipped and automated, it will limit the human error extensively in terms of inventory and managing accounts. One can easily track on-going activities and every process within a toy shop without stressing too much. CBAS gives you full control over sales, employee and customer details, stocks, products information, official records and many more with just few clicks.

We have been using CBAS just recently. And from our experience, its very flexible and easy to use, excellent inventory and staff management and detailed reporting modules are the main reasons for us to choose CBAS to support our business. We are proud to recommend CBAS to anyone in the industry without hesitation!


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