Tobacco & Vape Shop

Big or small, CBAS helps any kind of business to flourish!

CBASs POS software allows you to keep a tab on your merchandise as well as manage your customers demands effortlessly. You don't have to worry about staying in your tobacco & vape store full time. For, this cloud-based system allows you to manage work from anywhere and anytime.

Keep an eye on every item of your store

Managing one entire business is a huge challenge and responsibility. In order to make the process easy, it is advisable to seek an innovative approach. With the help of CBASs specially designed POS application, you can keep an eye on even the minutest detail of your Tobacco and Vape Shop. Manage the stocks, check whats in demand and what are customers preferences  by having everything stored in your server.

Timely notifications with or without internet

Owing to its cloud-based factor, CBASs POS system is designed to work both on and offline. There by one can know their stores products, sales, brands, pricing and many more with real time reporting. You don’t have to worry about not being in your store throughout; as the POS software will give an access to keep an eye on the business from any place, round the clock. You can even update your inventory and do the accounts even in offline mode and the system will automatically sync everything once you go online.

Manage your merchandise well

It is quite easy to add, replace or remove any kind of stuff within your store by mere click of the POS system. You can have an account of those products that are most sought after and also, about the customers who frequent your store regularly. CBAS even allows you to control the product pricing and sales in easy steps.

Superb service with dedicated 24×7 support. We would really love to recommend CBAS for any retailer big or small.


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