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Step up to innovation by implementing CBASs POS System in your business!

Very easy-to-use and affordable, CBASs Cloud-based POS systems are a great source of help to manage business operations easily and stress free. Organise stocks and inventory, maintain customer records, keep an eye on sales and lots more which can be done seamlessly and efficiently with the right kind of assistance from POS system.

Help at your fingertips, literally!

CBASs POS software is quite easy on pocket and very easy to use. Gain apt assistance on any business functionality within a single click. Make a bill transaction, attend to customers query, check customers purchase history, inventory tracking, customise receipts and so onĀ  everything, by just being in one place alone. The Cloud-based system gives you the freedom to work away from your shoe store and yet, manage all the happenings in-house.

Highly advanced and reliable

The POS system is packed with cutting edge technology to handle multi-tasking features, for a person who likes to have a hand in every process of their store. Besides being user-friendly, CBAS has exclusively designed the software to suit any kind of industrial business needs. The system even upgrades the software by getting updated automatically at regular intervals. Thereby helping you to keep expanding your business without stressing over space factor.

Keep working round the clock

CBAS has infused highly advanced features within POS system; so that you can access your stores functions 24/7 and from any place. Well-supported by Cloud, the software also helps you to keep an eye on your staff, their working hours and, their business activities so that you can be completely assured that the store is being run efficiently and ethically. Moreover, the system provides customer support by allowing you to get back to customers queries any time.

CBAS has helped me to streamline my operations. I would recommend CBAS to anyone without hesitation!

Jean clude vandame
Manager, Kunfu Panda Agency

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