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Capture lasting success for your photo studio with POS System!

Add innovation to your photography business for extending exceptional services to your valued customers. Manage operations and simultaneously improve sales by implementing CBASs POS software within all your digital systems.

Achieve Best Results with Better Reporting Process

CBAS engages real time reporting that helps you to take control of business or any kind of business operations. Such as stocks, sales, tracking bestselling items, busy hours, loyal customers, and even improving the growth of your business no matter where you are or what time it is. We understand that your photo studio is your anchor and investment. Thereby our cloud-based software will help you to access to any number of outlets of your valued venture instantly and effortlessly.

Convenient to use and Easy on money

With CBAS application, you wouldn’t require to engage training sessions for teaching new staff how to use it. The POS software system is so easy to understand and use that anyone can operate it. It ideal for any kind of business process and for multiple purposes. Such that, stocks, sales and even customer management will be well taken care of by this advanced software. The good news is that CBASs POS application comes at budget friendly prices.

Keeps you and your customers smiling, forever!

Earn complete satisfaction from your valued customers as well as the new ones by extending highly satisfying services with the help of CBAS. You can boost your photography business by opting for POS applications to customise digital services according your clients requirements. From developing excellent quality photographs to keeping a control on financial aspect CBAS software systems allows you to carry out all business functions with utmost ease.

CBAS revolutionized our organizations POS system in a budget-friendly manner thus equipping us for growth success without giving us any hiccups in our operations. Consequently, our team has taken CBAS to all our locations that needs significant infrastructure turnaround. Also, CBAS has brought the same incredible high level of affordability and seamless support to our organization. CBAS is a can’t-miss in the ever-growing retail market.


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