Pet Shop

Find a reliable companion in CBAS - personalised for your Pet Store Business!

CBASs POS System helps to extend efficient services to cater to varied demands of pet owners! Showcase a wide range of exclusive products and services offered by your pet store, at a single click. The cloud-based software application allows you to meet all kinds of customer and business requirements.

Productivity at cost effective price

Raise your expectations with CBASs POS software system; that enables excellent quality and efficiency in extending your services to meet customers varied needs. At the same time, the cloud-based application that works on both real time and offline mode, comes at a very cost effect price.

Helps you focus on essential matters

There is no a rocket science to master POS application; thereby making it easy to use for anyone. By implementing POS in business processing systems, you don’t have to devote separate time to train your new recruits in using it. Thus, with CBASs POS system in place, one can make efficient use of time, by concentrating on other important issues.

Innovative and Practical Relentlessly

CBAS is encompassed with inventive and comprehensive programs that proves beneficial in various business processing of a store in efficient manner. It aids to deal with multiple work procedures including product sales, customer database and stocks management to name a few, without hampering the flow. Moreover one can effortlessly manage customers demands by keeping a check on their requirements and showcasing best products in the market.

As a retailer, I want to focus on my customers and the relationship that I build with them. CBAS helps me to understand my customer geography, favorite items, purchase frequency etc. I don’t want to worry about the computer system, the Internet connection or any of the technology thats required to provide the best possible customer experience.


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