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Spread the fragrance of your stores products and services successfully with the help of CBAS

Spread the fragrance of your stores products and services successfully with the help of CBAS

Keep a control over multiple outlets no matter where you are

For a business that has fledge out successfully with various outlets in different parts of the world, a POS software helps to manage everything without any hassle. From products to inventory, from sales to customer records, from stocks to checking accounts  with CBAS management tools you can keep yourself abreast with all the updates within your perfume store business.

Streamline all your product ordering operations

CBASs cloud-based POS program gives you the access to all your business processes at a single click. You can be in tune with your customers demands and choices by quickly adding, removing or editing the scented items in your store  that includes the quantity, flavours and brands. All these and more, by customising the keyboard keys to suit your pace.

Manage your products and stocks in smart way

It is not healthy to wait till the stocks dry out. CBASs POS system notifies you as and when there is some product sales and gives you an update as to which item needs to be purchased. Owing to cloud aided programs you can be aware of your best products, sales and busy business hours, even while you are working offline. The inventory will be synced and updated as soon as you go online. So there is no need to worry about missing out on anything important, anytime.

In any company today, IT is considered an essential aspect. Setting up a POS system covers only 25% of real need. Its very easy to deal with CBAS as they are just one phone call away and when you call them they make you a top priority. One of the best thing about them is that they really know their thing and that they know whats they are delivering. And to be very honest, their cloud system is very fast and very cost effective, which is why I see them as the best choice for a proper retail system in the UAE market.


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