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Keep in tune with your customers needs and extend best services! CBAS makes it possible!!

By playing an inventive note of POS software, success will sing through your business operations. CBAS allows you to manage every important aspect of your store be it sales or services - efficiently in smooth manner.

Stay tuned with your products regularly from anywhere

CBAS has perfect solutions to avoid human error. The cloud-based POS programs will give you a total control on everything from anywhere. Thus, you have either options to carry out your work on online or offline mode. Manage your inventory and stocks, product sales, customers information and what not; with a simple click. You can watch over your products and even understand the market trends thanks to CBASs smart technology.

Sync all your work processes

You don’t have to depend on various digital systems or applications to carry out your business functions. CBAS understands the importance of time management and so, has designed POS software to incorporate different operations so that you can work on everything at one given point. You can simultaneously have a control on inventory or carry out different tasks pertaining to sales and accounts with the help of POS abled screen.

Helps to cut down unnecessary tasks

By making all your business processes streamlined and put together in one place, you have more breathing space. With CBAS you don’t have to go and personally take care of certain duties like taking stocks, updating inventory, track product sales and so on. For, you will be notified about everything through POS system. For instance, when a particular product is selling out fast you will get notification for updating the same in the stores inventory.

Provides a better control of all our functions with a great feature rich application. We would strongly recommend CBAS to anyone!


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