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CBAS POS System sparkles up your jewellery business by adding the shine of innovation

Promote your business in a dazzling manner with the help of CBASs Cloud-based POS software. You can give a beautiful boost to your jewellery and accessories store by updating your stocks and providing exceptional services to your valued customers every time; making them come back to you again.

Managing different stores is a luxury now!

Enjoy the advantage of managing any number of outlets at one click! CBASs POS works on both Android and IOSĀ  thus, giving you the option to work on desktop, laptop or mobile. No matter where you are, you can take stocks, manage inventory, go through sales, check accounts and even refer customer database without fretting out. You can work at your convenience and any time you want, without visiting all your stores personally.

Easy payments. Safer procedure

The customers have the choice to make their payments either through cash or credit cards. And your will be able to carry out the transactions accordingly without any hassles. CBAS provides apt programs for swiping credit card that guarantees safe and reliable assurance for your business as well as customers. Moreover, you dont have to worry about employee theft as all the management tools are password secured and cannot be accessed by any unknown person.

Options to customise the software to suit your business needs

We understand that a jewellery business is far more different from any other industry and so it will have its own way of mechanism. Following this, CBAS provides the option to customise the POS system in terms of its appearance, features, shortcut keys and so on, so that you can adjust the functions and improve the speed of billing process. You can modify the settings to suit your accessibility, enhance the performance level and make it more in tune with your business type and products.

CBAS does have what it takes to give you good service and they have a cloud retail solution with POS system that is easy to operate.


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