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CBAS makes your store stand out from other players in the market!

Give your customers an impressive experience to last for lifetime! With CBASs POS system, you can offer the customers a wide range of products and services and the same time, keep a tab on your sales and inventory without much worry.

Furnish your customers with a detailed list

CBAS gives your Homeware and Furniture store an innovative uplift. You can seamlessly go through all your products, check which items are trending in the market and stock up your inventory accordingly. POS system allows you to concentrate well on different aspects of your business and also extend your focus in keeping your customers happy. It is altogether a win-win situation owing to the usage of POS software.

Works on anything, anywhere, anytime

Since it is supported by Cloud, CBASs POS system can be used on any kind of deviceĀ  computer, laptop or mobile. You can even enjoy the luxury of working away from your store as well as manage any number of outlets sitting in one place. Also, it can even extend your services round the clock or answer customers online queries anytime. Even with a poor internet connection, you can work on your sales and inventory anyway because all the details will get synced with your server once you are back online.

Room for development

No matter what you sell or how big or small your store is CBAS understands that every business is important and a huge investment. Our POS software gives you ample scope to experiment, expand your inventory and fledge out over a period of time. It is highly proficient to cater to different kinds of customers demands and allow you to modify your approach accordingly, without hampering any kind of business process.

CBAS provides excellent detailed reports that helps me to analyze our business and make logical decisions on or daily sales operations. Congratulations to the wonderful job you are doing!


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