Hobbies and Gaming Shop

Give the game of innovation a shot by switching to CBAS to win customers & improve sales!

Implement CBASs POS application to enhance the sales of your Hobbies and Gaming store. Control the stocks and improve your inventory through our cloud-based POS software that is designed to provide business processing solutions in real time.

Conquer the challenges of advancements

With innovation comes distinction. CBASs POS application can be vouched for elevating your gaming store business to greater heights. Being a cloud-based system, one can ensure to keep an eye on the stocks, customers database, upgrade inventory and everything else with just a click!

Stay connected ever

CBASs POS system is specially designed to work both ways online and offline modes. It allows you to focus on your business by getting real time reports about the busy hours and products that are best-selling. Moreover, you have the option to manage sales and organise your inventory even while there is no internet connection and update everything once you are online.

Easy and resourceful

With no extra effort, one can manage stocks and products with much ease. By implementing CBASs software within your Gaming shop business process, you can efficiently carry out functions like pricing, evaluate products and reporting. The cloud-based POS system will prove to be highly resourceful by assisting you to promote your best-selling products in better way and help them sell faster.

As a small business owner, I love the efficiency that CBAS brings me. I can easily keep track of day to day sales and stock with real time reports. I don’t have to have someone on my staff handle or worry about sending reports or checking stock every day.


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