Meet all your customers flooring demands by emerging as a one-stop store with the aid of CBAS!

Manage your Carpet Shop stocks and inventory smoothly, understanding your customers choices and improving business through real-time reporting! Give a boost to your carpet business by introducing CBASs POS software that works efficiently both online and offline.

Be in charge of every aspect of your business

Whether you are working at odd hours or away from store, the cloud-based POS software in Dubai provides access to your carpet store from anywhere and manage all its business processes. You dont have to depend on anyone to take the responsibility of checking the inventory and stocks. 

CBASs system is designed to notify you about your products as and when a customer buys something and there is a change in the inventory. Similarly, you can take control of pricing, sales, accounts and so on by simply clicking on few management tools.

Acquire strong hold over finance management

Gone are the days when one used to maintain different cash registers and keep records of transactions and sales. With CBASs POS system, you just have to click away your tension dealing with such financial procedures. You can easily keep a tab on cash flow, accounts, and best-selling products as well as avoid any kind of error and theft. Thereby you don’t have to worry if you have new employees since the programs have the password protection facility.

Allows customers to shop stress free

It wouldn’t worry you when a customer who forgot their purse needs to rush back home to bring money before completing their purchase. Since, CBASs POS system has the option to park the sales – that allows you to put that particular customers purchase on hold instead of deleting the process and later, after they come back complete the transaction.

Cosmetic Shop

Give an image makeover to your business by enhancing its operations with CBAS UAE!

Bikes Shop

Ride way up to success with the aid of CBAS Dubai!

Pet Shop

Find a reliable companion in CBAS - personalised for your Pet Store Business!

Sports Shop

Infuse a striking technical spirit into the game of business with CBAS!

Spa & Massage Center

CBAS POS helps you to relax and perform better on your business.

Art Gallery

Turn your Passion in to a successful business with CBAS POS DUBAI.

Chocolate Shop

Give a delicious upgrade to all your business processing technicalities with CBAS!

Coffee Shops & Cafe

Start your business with a great taste and a great help from CBAS.


It has been quite a while since we have started using services from CBAS POS Software Solutions. I went on the internet and searched for a good solution and decided to get a pos system for our retail store. I found a lot of companies on the net and eventually, I found out that CBAS is already providing solutions in the same industry for well-known establishments. I have called few of those organizations and got good references for the system and decided that CBAS is the most suitable POS system to provide the solution that I was looking for. They have provided everything what we were looking for, from a good system down to support services. They provide an excellent support service even late at night. Therefore, I can recommend solutions from CBAS to anyone who is willing to go for a complete software solution.

pos software solutions dubai

A whole new POS software in the palm of your hands that is Cloud Based and compatible for IOS with Inventory, Reports, Centralized Management, Multi-Store, Customer Database, Discounts and Vouchers and many more.