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Let your book store speak volumes about offering wide range of collections; courtesy CBAS!

CBAS???s specially designed POS system allows to sort through your store???s entire book list effortlessly and keeps upgrading the stocks. Thereby ensuring customers get something new each time they visit your book store.

Reap benefits from your investment!

Investing in CBAS???s POS software would be the best decision you ever made for your business! By using this cloud-based system, one can completely do away with the old fashion business operations and manage your entire book store easily, with few clicks. POS multi-purpose programs will help you to take care of your stocks, keep a record of your valued customers, their preferences, accounts, cash flow and many such important functions without stressing out yourself much. The catch? POS is surprisingly very affordable!

A simple click will sort your inventory!

With CBAS???s POS abled screen you can streamline the stocks in your book store; by sorting all kinds of genre, types of books, bestsellers, best-selling books, books which are not fast moving and so on. Additionally, you can easily add or remove certain collections, like include those which are in huge demand or replace the unpopular ones with better choices. Moreover, by customising shortcut keys, you can speed up the business process and services of your book store.

Give your customers more options to browse through

One can keep an account of their valued customers and also, their favourite genres of books with specially designed customer database by CBAS. The advantage of such POS system is that one can be aware of which kind of books need to be stocked and those which are unpopular. CBAS also is a boost to the loyalty quotient; such that, one can be immensely benefited from repeat business and grow out.

Excellent service provided and very professionally handled starting from the very beginning till the end. We would really recommend CBAS to any retail business owner who wants a significant growth in their business!


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