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Understand your customers requirements

Customers are the most valuable assets of ones art business. CBAS helps you to maintain an entire history of each and every customer who made purchase from your store, when and what they purchased and their bill details. Everything is automated and quite easy! If you are still not equipped with such business practices then you are unfortunately far behind the other players in the market.

Never misses on updating inventory

CBAS takes into account any change that takes place in inventory while you are attending the sale. This helps you to update your stocks. The POS system makes you enter the item, customers name and information even at the time of transaction. This will have double benefitĀ  you can impress your customer and also control the inventory. Soon after you can even go back again to fill the name of artist, medium that has been used, the price and so on.

Control all kinds of transactions

Use CBASs cloud-based POS to manage every kind of transaction within your art business including sales, layaway, returns, instalments, agreements and approvals.

I have been using CBAS just recently and whenever I have problems or issues, their customer support service deals with it without any second thoughts.

Muhammad Ali

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