Abaya Shop

With CBASs assistance cover all your business management duties within few clicks!

CBAS helps to run your entire Abaya shop business through the Cloud-based POS system. Its programs are specially designed to give you a control over everything including inventory management, credit card processing, customer database, accounting and many more.

Remarkable features for multiple utilities

Packed with highly reliable features, CBAS serves to manage your Abaya store efficiently with complete ease. You can concurrently govern over different tasks including taking stocks, checking inventory, customer history, cash receipts, reporting and accounting among others. Besides being user friendly and easy to navigate, the POS system has an attractive interface and is quite compatible on different digital mediums which means you can use it from desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad or even mobile as well as on any kind of browser.

Satisfy your customer and their demands

CBASs POS system can even manage customers database so that you can be aware of your regular customers, their preferences through their last purchases, most frequent customers and database. Accordingly you can stock up your products and offer them more than they expected. You can even keep a tab on your best products, best brands, colours, sizes and update your inventory with every fresh order. Also, you can check your stocks right when a customer asks queries in the middle of the billing process, by simply clicking on the inventory section without hampering the sales.

Manage business and attract more customers

Multi-tasking is possible with POS system. Such that, it helps you to attend clients, manage inventory and accounts, track real time reporting, refer customer records and moreĀ  without having to run from one place to another. This way you have more time on hand, which you can utilise it in efficient manner by offering better services and which in turn will boost up the loyalty factor from customers.

CBAS responded to my problem within a reasonable amount of time and even followed up my enquiry with a further offer of assistance. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else and would recommend to anyone.

Jaffer Iduzi
Manager, Zeroday IT

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