Compatible with IOS and Android

CBAS works perfectly with either IOS or Android and syncs in the cloud so you don’t have to worry on which device you should use.

Works even in offline

Continue your business operations even if you are offline. It will automatically resync everything once you are back online.


Because CBAS is easy to use and understand, you don’t need to send your staff to expensive training sessions.

User Accounts

Manage individual staff accounts and track sales and easily customize permissions to restrict what users can only access.

Discounts, Tax and Notes

Add discounts, tax and notes to specific line items or to the whole sale and once done, they will appear on the customers receipt.

Cash Flow Management

Keep track of all cash movements from cash float to register closure. This reduces error and prevents theft and discrepancies.

Customized Receipts

Give your receipts a customization by including your logo and website so that customers will remember you.

Make Parked Sales

Give your customer the power to put their purchase on hold temporarily for certain unavoidable instances like having to run back home because they forgot their wallet. With this, you don’t need to discard all the items that you have listed for that customer instead, you just park it or put on hold.

A whole new POS software in the palm of your hands that is Cloud Based and compatible for IOS with Inventory, Reports, Centralized Management, Multi-Store, Customer Database, Discounts and Vouchers and many more.