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Looking for a hassle free POS System for your business ?

Discover CBAS POS system, the reliable, low cost and easy to use POS system that works with any device or operating system. Get extra 6 months FREE for every yearly license subscribtion.

"It is time for your retail business to save time and money "


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Why choose CBAS POS by Cadvil ?

" We are waiting for you impatiently to guide you
through your journey to success. "


CBAS Analytics Mobile App

" Cloud Based for Android and IOS "

A designer App integrated with the CBAS system

" Experience Unlimited POSsibilities
for all your Retail Businesses "

What is the Deal of the moment and how could you benefit from it?

We are offering 6 months FREE subscription for every 1 year license purchased or buy 2 licenses and get 1 FREE license.

Address, Timetable and Prices.

Address and timings:

Sky business center – Al Badia Boulevard- Festival City – Dubai

Sunday: 09:00–18:00
Monday: 09:00–18:00
Tuesday: 09:00–18:00
Wednesday: 09:00–18:00
Thursday: 09:00–18:00

Original: 99 $ / Month and 1188 $ / Year
Offer : SAVE 396 $, pay ONLY 66$ / Month and 1188$ /18 months

Who we are ?

Established in 2015, Cadvil is an exclusive global consulting powerhouse.

Cadvil is a global Software Services company who provides End-to-End Software Product Development, Consulting Services to Enterprise of all sizes and in multiple domains.

We originally started our operations a few years ago and have significantly grown because of our deep and strong relationships with our clients.

Today, we are proud to say that we have offices in different

Our clients reviews and testimonials

“As a company of 8 branches we struggled with bringing all data in one place and even to manage it from one location. CBAS helped us to achieve the same. Now we don’t need costly set up in each shop, no need for a server and IT people to manage the infrastructure. We can see the sales, stock and other important information from anywhere anytime.” 

Mohammed Ibrahim, CEO Emirat

“As a small business owner, I love the efficiency that CBAS brings me. I can easily keep track of day to day sales and stock with real time reports. I don’t have to have someone on my staff handle or worry about sending reports or checking stock every day.”

Vivek Vijayan , CEO ZenQua Aquariums and PetStore.

“As a retailer, I want to focus on my customers and the relationship that I build with them. CBAS helps me to understand my customer geography, favorite items, purchase frequency etc. I don’t want to worry about the computer system, the Internet connection or any of the technology thats required to provide the best possible customer experience.”

Maher Karimi, Karimi Exhibition.

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Sky business center
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Dubai - United Arab Emirates