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Cloud POS system software is used in a retail shop. The POs system is a tool which will help to transform the total business functions. The small business owners will use the cloud POS Software because it will manage the everyday operations. There are two different types of POs systems are available now, the first one is on-premise POs system and the second one is cloud POs system. In on-premise POS system the software is installed on the server side. The server will be located in your business area. The server will store the all data related to the business and the data is generated by the POS software. The data could not be accessed from outside the business area. This is the traditional; way of using this software and it was used in large retail stores or restaurants. In cloud POS system the entire data are stored in the cloud. So it is very to access the data from anywhere at any time. The cloud is a remote data center. The cloud POs system can be worked in everything like desktop, laptops or in other mobile platforms. If the cloud POS system is used in a mobile platform then it is known as mobile POS (mPOS). this is the most modern POs system. The mPOS system is the perfect combination of power, affordability and usability. The POS system brings the entire operations in your business into your fingertips. You need only an internet connection to log into the software for viewing the analytics, managing the inventory and configuring the POS with the help of any device. The cloud POS system is very cheap and faster. The reason of using clod is its availability. In cloud you can manage the software even if you are far away from the register. In quick business and restaurants and in full service restaurant cloud POs is the best option.

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