Our Features

Compatible with IOS and Android

CBAS works perfectly with either IOS or Android and syncs in the cloud so you don’t have to worry on which device you should use.

Works even in offline

Continue your business operations even if you are offline. It will automatically resync everything once you are back online.


Because CBAS is easy to use and understand, you don’t need to send your staff to expensive training sessions.

User Accounts

Manage individual staff accounts and track sales and easily customize permissions to restrict what users can only access.

Discounts, Tax and Notes

Add discounts, tax and notes to specific line items or to the whole sale and once done, they will appear on the customers receipt.

Cash Flow Management

Keep track of all cash movements from cash float to register closure. This reduces error and prevents theft and discrepancies.

Customized Receipts

Give your receipts a customization by including your logo and website so that customers will remember you.

Make Parked Sales

Give your customer the power to put their purchase on hold temporarily for certain unavoidable instances like having to run back home because they forgot their wallet. With this, you don’t need to discard all the items that you have listed for that customer instead, you just park it or put on hold.

Inventory Management

See and track existing stocks on hand, low stock information and inventory levels to help you make better decisions regarding your inventory and sales.

Customizable Taxes

Simplify tax implementation and customize the taxes from different cities, countries, states, or even different products or outlets.

Pricing and Promotions

Manage pricing, discounts and markups effortlessly across all your products, outlets and customer groups.

Variants and Composites

Define multiple product sizes, colors or materials or even bundle your products together.

Stock Orders

Always have your most-purchased products in stock to accommodate the clients and have the system update you regarding required stock orders.

Central Product Catalog

Manage a central product catalog and sync your products to eliminate errors and extra data entry.

Stock Transfers

Easily transfer items across from one location to another and check product levels across your stores with ease.

Customer Profile

Keep your customer information in one place and know what they most prefer in your products.

Customer Groups

Treat VIP customers with discounts or targeted emails for announcements on your store. Also, use groups to manage wholesale prices.

Import your customer database

Easily bring your customer list over to CBAS with a CSV upload.

Central Customer Database

Manage a single customer list for all your outlets and always keep your customer data in sync.

Customer Purchase History

All of customer transactions are saved wherein you can view their purchase history, loyalty and preferences.

Product and Sales Report

Provides you reports on sales by product, brand, tag, and much more to easily identify trends and make the best decisions for your business.

Inventory Reports

Manage your inventory more effectively by keeping an eye on inventory levels, low stock information and stock on hand.

Real Time Reports

You don’t have to wait for end of the day reports. Keep track of your daily sales operation in real time to achieve daily sales target.

End of Day Reports

Review daily register closure summaries and sales history reports, confirm payments, and easily check for discrepancies.

Customizable Reports

Build your own reports and quickly drill down into your data to see how your store, your products and your staff are performing.

Mobile Retail Dashboard

Keep your fingers on the pulse by accessing your key sales metrics from your phone anytime, anywhere.

Employee Performance

Set the daily, weekly and monthly sales target to each of your staff and see how they are performing against those objectives.

Exporting your Reports

Export your data to your preferred spreadsheet tool for in-depth analysis.

Complete Retail Platform

No matter how complex your operations are or how many locations you have, you can run your entire business with us.

Centralized Data

Manage all your data in one place. Starting from your product catalog, to your inventory, customer database and reporting.

Add Outlets

Open a new outlet in just minutes without paying that much. Its that easy.

Add Registers

You don’t have much time to waste because you are busy? Easily add an extra register when you need another one with our help.

Add Users

Add more users as your team grows. Easily customize permission to restrict what they can see and do.

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24/7 Support

Our friendly support team is quick to respond no matter where you are.

Getting confused with the directions given by our support team because you are not that much techie savvy? No worries, we can come directly to you where we have our local team in the UAE to assist you with everything.

Get help setting up a new store or migrating from an old POs with assisted set up.

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