Perfume Shop

Manage multiple stores, wherever you are.

For the managers or owners, CBAS’ online management system or OMS can work on any web-browser so whether you’re out on the road, on travel, or have a large number of store locations you are managing, you don’t have to worry because CBAS has got you covered wherever you are. You can scale upwards, downwards (or even sidewards) with ease and you can add new locations and registers as simple as clicking a button. Plus, our offline mode means you can make sales in even in the most remote locations.

Sell your best products.

It’s a piece of cake to add, edit and remove products in CBAS, including prices, and variations. CBAS reporting and stock management makes it easy to sell more of your best products.

Keep your best customers coming back.

Keep your VIPs close and your new clients coming back with CBAS’ customer database, making it simple to build a relationship with your clients — finding their details, preferences, and product purchases in an easy click of a button.

In any company today, IT is considered an essential aspect. Setting up a POS system covers only 25% of real need. It’s very easy to deal with CBAS as they are just one phone call away and when you call them they make you a top priority. One of the best thing about them is that they really know their thing and that they know what’s they are delivering. And to be very honest, their cloud system is very fast and very cost effective, which is why I see them as the best choice for a proper retail system in the UAE market.


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