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Manage multiple stores, wherever you are.

For the managers or owners, CBAS’ online management system or OMS can work on any web-browser so whether you’re out on the road, on travel, or have a large number of store locations you are managing, you don’t have to worry because CBAS has got you covered wherever you are. You can scale upwards, downwards (or even sidewards) with ease and you can add new locations and registers as simple as clicking a button. Plus, our offline mode means you can make sales in even in the most remote locations.

Maximize your best sellers, intelligently.

Know more about your store than ever before with real-time and detailed reporting. CBAS gives you insights and essential information into your best products, your busiest hours and your biggest spenders, and your top-performing employees, giving you assurance that you’re performing at your best every day. Plus, CBAS is cloud-based software, which means you can access your data from anywhere, anytime on any web browser.

Control your stocks and your goods, efficient and effectively.

Get to know your best products and make sure you’re never caught out of stock again. With real-time reporting from CBAS, it’s easy to find your best-sellers, best products, and busy hours. And with CBAS’ offline mode, you can keep making sales without any worries. Making your inventory up-to-update and synchronized once you’re back online again. Let nothing stand in your way — not even a dodgy internet connection.

Best POS system for the industry with amazing hands on support service! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CBAS as the ideal POS solution!


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