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Sell more of what your customers prefer.

It’s easy to keep track of your best customers and their favourite products with CBAS’ customer database and with these informations at hand, you can control what to stock more and what to stock less. CBAS also integrates with loyalty platforms, meaning you can turn their repeat business into rewards automatically.

Control your stocks and your goods, efficient and effectively.

Get to know your best products and make sure you’re never caught out of stock again. With real-time reporting from CBAS, it’s easy to find your best-sellers, best products, and busy hours. And with CBAS’ offline mode, you can keep making sales without any worries. Making your inventory up-to-update and synchronized once you’re back online again. Let nothing stand in your way — not even a dodgy internet connection.

Sell your best products.

It’s a piece of cake to add, edit and remove products in CBAS, including prices, and variations. CBAS reporting and stock management makes it easy to sell more of your best products.

We have been using a different POS system before we shifted to CBAS. The biggest reason why we switched from our old POS system was the fact that when we grew, the systems didn’t grow with us. In a way, we outgrew most of our systems. Our requirements became larger and they were not able to cater what we want. So, when we got a hold of CBAS, they came and gave us a very good demo and they see to it that they will provide a solution that will grow with us. With the introduction of CBAS, we were able to launch our loyalty system and through our loyalty system, we have been able to gather lot of important data about our customers and we have been able to use that to better improve our products. I would personally recommend CBAS to anyone in a heartbeat, because they can actually cater your requirements and they will always try their best to provide solutions whenever required!


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